Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Finally Did It


You can compare this photo to the one over in the left-hand column. I decided that it would be a good idea for me to shave and see what's been lurking beneath the surface of my beard for the past four years or so: it was a bad idea. Basically, I have come to learn that I no longer own a neck.

This is good for me, however, as I feel that it is the perfect fodder for motivation to lose weight. I've been avoiding creating a work-out schedule for the past while, because I have felt that school work is more important. Although, time-wise, being a college student, schoolwork is of the utmost importance, seeing now the Jabba-esque monster I have evolved into, I must have health advance guard with much haste. Who knows how long I will survive? Hearts can only take so much, and honestly, I must be a nauseating sight to behold.

I mean, I realised I was fat before: who could avoid having a huge gut staring at them? yet, since it has grown over time, I suppose I have been accustomed to it. By shaving, I created a drastic change that rightfully has startled me, not to mention the blight of having something like that hideous double-chin droop from my neck. There is something horrifying more unsettling about affect to the face than any other part of the body (besides genetalia, I suppose). I'm hoping this unsettling action was a step in the right direction....

On the topic of President-Elect Barack Obama, I can only say that I have never been prouder of being an American: he has advanced the movement of Martin Luther King Jr to exactly that, which I believe the Reverend aspired: equality for
all people. Honestly, I think I will reserve it for another post in the morning; I don't think it's appropriate to mix such topics and my behemoth size and a Black President of the USA.