Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Best Qualities: Pushing the Limits of RAM with Tabs

I'm not really sure what it is that compels me to open every interesting link and leave it by the wayside to drag my computer down until the processor is rattling like a machine gun. Maybe if I step back and look at the state of order my room is in, I could psychologically make sense of it (I suppose that to say that I'm disorganised is a misnomer, if only because I'm not sure what a more severe term would be for my severe incompetence at neatness).

Day after day I find myself bored online and gravitate around to Reddit for a quick peek at whatever's new, opening every last link that interests me. But if the link doesn't lead to a picture of some dopey-face animal surrounded in a caps-locked veil of burly white words, I shelf it aside to read later. With time I have curated the perfect online library of HuffPo nonsense, political alarmism, and obscure databases of Beginner's Ainu until the favicons themselves have given way to a row of forgotten arcanum packed like blades of greying grass.

As we speak, I have three windows open and no idea what exactly I'm hoping to read later. With every command, my processor seems to increasingly resemble a T-Rex taking a dirt nap in a tar pit. Or, a tar nap? Or no nap, since he's ultimately just dying. I don't really remember why I thought this would be an interesting thing to write about. I'm not really sure why I'm still typing